Sunday, October 21, 2012

Oscar's new foot stool

Oscar, being the stubborn old dog he is, refuses to stop getting up in "his" chair (the foulest, schmegiest, stinkiest thing in existence)...even if sometimes it takes him two minutes and several tries to pull his rear legs up.

Even when I bring his dog bed out to the living room to give him a clue.

So this morning I decided I need to do something before he hurts himself.

I was thinking about an ottoman with legs which I could cut down, but not finding anything I liked I got up to Twin Mills Used Furniture in Oxford and once I explained what I was looking for the woman had the perfect suggestion of a foot stool! I hadn't really thought about that since I'm not exactly a furniture connoisseur.

Of course, His Royal Highness does NOT like change. This being the dog who once slept on the floor pouting for three days where the chair used to be when I moved it across the room.

For a half hour he pouted, sniffed, acted annoyed it was in front of his chair, acted even more annoyed when I lifted his front paws up on the foot stool to show him he could put his weight on it, walked around and sulked...and finally tried it and realized he liked it.

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Unknown said...

Aww....Oscar’s just so adorable! I’m glad that His Highness liked his new footstool. How’s Oscar doing now? How I wish I had a footstool. When I come home from work, boy, do I just want to put my feet up and relax! Unfortunately, the bed beckons to me harder than the couch, and I sometimes doze off to sleep without any dinner. Haha.

Marcene Balderas