Friday, January 27, 2012

Last Chuck Tonight

It started off as mindless but fun TV in Season 1, and sucked me in with Season 2 -- just a great season.  And excerbated fans during Seasons 3, 4, & 5!  Always on the bubble as their budgets got cut and they never knew if they'd be renewed.

But I'll still miss them -- the cast defined chemistry.  And they introduced me to a lot of great music!

Alan Sepinwall sums it up better then I can:
Most of all, though? It was, in spite of the potential for great heartbreak given the Sarah situation, happy. And if there is one emotion I associate with "Chuck" above all others, it is joy.

"Chuck" was a show with a lot of moving parts, mixing a lot of tones and styles and genres into a blender. Some weeks, everything worked. Some weeks, only some parts worked. Some weeks, we basically had to wrestle our brains to the ground to accept that the plot could actually work the way it did. But "Chuck" was a show where we forgave a lot because the joy of the show — both of the people making it and that we could feel watching it — was always so palpable. These people loved making this ridiculous show, and we loved them for it.