Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Garden Progress

Pics of what I did Monday evening -- dug the potato trenches (extreme left side), worked on raking down the pile of rotted manure from last year and spread it out, and started pushing back the soil from last year's potato row against the fence.

I have a few cheap Grape plants from Walmart I'll plant along the fence this year. The plan is to use the pressure treated posts put in for the fence to also support trellis work for the the grapes.

The grass strip in the middle is where I plan to ask Fred to unload my annual spreader load of manure this year...that'll fill in that low spot (actually that's the original ground level with raised beds all around it) and let me use that for crops next year.

Looks like rain and showers through Thursday, so this is probably it till Friday. But I'm in good shape to get the potatoes, grapes, and a few other things in this coming weekend.

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