Thursday, January 27, 2011

It snowed. Again.

While I first measured 14" on my deck, but that was near the house. I got 16" on the far end of the deck, and I believe I got a total of 18" including the 2" that fell during the day.

I have never gotten stuck before in my driveway. Other parts of the yard, yes. Driveway, no.

I ended up shoveling four times so far as I work my way down...

The small green posts with the white tops sticking up (you can see them better if you click on the pic to get the full-size view) are I believe 4' tall, and the garden fence is 5'

After nearly three hours since I started shoveling my way out of the front door, I still got about 75' to finish.

If we have anymore snowfall this winter, I'll have to just keep going out every couple hours and pack the driveway backdown again.


Unknown said...

You can STILL keep that up there, Matt!

Honestly, I would loose my mind....

Rebecca Foster said...

You could make infinity snow cream!