Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Fresh picked taters and squash, onion was picked a few weeks ago (still far, far fresher the supermarket!)

Put taters on grille, medium x 20 minutes.

Cut up squash & onion, dash of raspberry vinaigrette, dash olive oil, fresh ground pepper. Mix, wrap in foil.

Squash goes on when meat does. 12 minutes @ medium was perfect for the squash. Meat got over cooked at 7 minutes high / flip 5 minutes medium...I didn't adjust for thinner cut.

The squash & onions were indescribably good.

Garden update:
Picked 10# of squash Sunday, delivered to food bank today (plus about 4# last Wednesday if I didn't record that).

Picked maybe 1# today.

Signs of dryness again :( Deer have pretty much devastated the bush beans, and my yellow beans aren't coming in, assume I planted them in too rich of soil.

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