Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rain Glorious Rain

Gotta get some pictures of the garden...and my Daylillies!

Anyway, since (and including) June 23rd I had less then 3/4" of rain, all in little quarter inch or less rainfalls. Dry, dry, dry. Finally setup the hoses on Sunday, complete with an adapter so they're fed by the sump pump to save electricity.

I went to move the hoses at 2:30pm today, and the sky north of my looked like the coming of the Apocalypse. "Great, it's raining north of me." Dump 2/10ths of an inch from the rain gauge, move the hose, big drops of rain start coming. I and Jake were soaked by the time we go to the house (on top of the laryngitis I had from the five hour long job interview yesterday!)

We had a pop-up storm that stayed parked over southern Windham county and northern Providence county. Ended around 4pm, when I walked down at 8pm to check...2-3/4" of rain!

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