Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wood Cutting!

First big day out for the new-to-me MS-360. Also used the new-to-me 024AV quite a bit for limbing, that saw is really running better and better the more work it gets. Hadn't been used much in the last few years by the last owner.

The anti-vibe gloves work really well too -- my hands don't swell up after running vibrating equipment if I haven't run any in a while.

Orange flagging for what I want to remove this winter, pink is for specifically protected stuff (mostly oak saplings).

Everything dropped exactly where I wanted and nothing pink was harmed. Fields in the background is the town's main recreation park.

Logrite 5' Peavey w/log stand. Outstanding. Flipped this log up in the air with finger tip pressure :) Ok, not quite finger tip, but one handed easily.

Most of the saw work done. I have this week off to study for a certification test next Saturday, so I plan to hack away an hour or two each afternoon on yard & wood stuff for a break, like splitting and stacking this, cutting the stumps down (I like to cut firewood at a comfortable height then stump it later), and stack the brush.

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