Wednesday, May 20, 2009

100th Post!

I just noticed at random this will be my 100th post!

At any rate, check out this -- show choir! Which I never really heard of before (yes, I watched the pilot to Glee tonite) and just find really cool.

(The choir in the last two videos -- same performance in two parts -- a couple months later were 2009 National Grand Champions)

Yes, to my continued befuddlement, I am a fuh-laming heterosexual. Thankfully I don't expend even a modicum of effort normally, thereby keeping my self safely out of the metrosexual category. I have a former co-worker and friend who I meet for lunch occassionaly, and to her great amusement and my consternation she has realized I have a good eye for fashion which she makes me use at Dress Barn. Yesterday I managed to give meaningful advise on patterns, cuts, and how the weight of fabric hangs in a woman's clothing store, channeling some sort of cross between Clinton Kelley and Standford Blatch -- to the chagrin of the staff and most of the patrons. That I even know proper terminology to describe my opinions about clothes, someone just shoot me now, please?

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Rebecca Foster said...

My brother is straight and also has a very good eye for such things. He's an artist, so sometimes I take him shopping for house stuff. It's a talent! Should be a genderless talent, but some people are lame.

I'm watching Chuck RIGHT NOW. I like it. I have a crush on Chuck now. He's just my type.