Monday, April 13, 2009

More seed starting

Went to Agway to get some Beefsteak Tomato seeds...they were low in general on tomato seeds, and I bought the last packet of Beefmaster (thought it was Beefsteak till I got home and looked...du'oh.)

Tomato, Beefmaster, 20 seeds, $1.99
Broccoli, Calabrese, 1g, $1.39
Cabbage, Mammoth Red Rock, 1g, $1.39

Time to set them in four packs :)

Plenty of cabbage, may plant some direct later this year.

Ok, cabbage transplanting 2' apart I understand...but wow, broccoli takes 1-1/2'. I guess they're bigger then expected!

Hey! That's a surprise...the 4 packs & trays I bought years ago at Ocean State...had Beefsteak seeds with them! Gave them a try.

Started tonite:

2 four packs, Beefmaster
2 four packs, Beefsteak (old seed, poorly stored)
2 four packs, Cabbage
2 four packs, Brocolli

Maybe late on planting the brocolli for starting it this year. Have plenty of seeds for a fall crop. Cabbage, too.

Chart of fall planting dates:

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Rebecca Foster said...

Sounds delicious! Roma tomatoes are my favorite, but beefsteak are my second favorite.