Sunday, November 16, 2008


Misty went to the rainbow bridge on Thursday. She was thirteen -- I hadn't realized she was that old till I started looking back at the photos and saw she came here in 2000. Indeed, she had been here just a week or so shy of 8 years, and was 5 years old when she arrived.

Back in 2000, when my carpets were new and clean.

Misty was very scared of other dogs and kids, and her original owners had brought her to the vets to be put down. This is after she became comfortable here. Her original owners brought her into their vets to be put to sleep since she didn't get along with their new dog. They had tried bringing her to very strong dog training -- many years later I brought her to Sharon Griswold who helped me train Jake, and within minutes Sharon shook her head, "She's extremely well trained, you just don't know how to command her."

The first two days, she stayed by the front door, curled up, scared to death. It was the evening of the third day when she finally, slowly, crawled on her belly across the room to visit me by the couch -- completely scared of Jake and Oscar and being in a strange place.

It took many months for her and Jake to finally work out an amicable relationship.

She did seem to do better here when strange dogs came to visit later on though. Probably that Jake took on the role of defender of the homestead relieved her about worrying about strangers.

After a snow storm in February, 2003. Where can I squat?

One day I noticed a growth on her rear end and brought her to the vets.

Dr. Smith examined her and stated, "This appears to be a benign, fatty lump."

"Well, I know she is, but what's that on her butt?"

Dr. Smith just glared back, I guess she didn't share my sense of humor.

At any rate, we chose not to operate unless it began growing again which worked for two or three years. Then I noticed one day Misty was "listing" to the side when she sat down since the lump was growing (and very quickly). This photo was at the vets when she was arriving for surgery. If I remember correctly, the lump weighed eight pounds.

Hell Hounds in 2004 -- Oscar & Misty, with Jake smelling the tiger day lillies.

One of my favorite photos, can you say happier then a pig in shit? Misty was ecstatic to find that Farmer Fred had dropped off a load of manure.

Misty loved to climb under the covers of the bed. This sometimes would cause conflicts come my bedtime when she would not be a happy camper being asked to move. But at it's most humorous, she would occasionally decided to climb underneath the fitted couch cover. I'd come home from work and find a very large, moving cushion on the couch -- the fitted cover having closed behind her. I'd have to pull the elastic edge back to let her out again.

Finally another pic from back in 2000. This was Misty's chair for all eight years. After she could no longer climb under the covers of the bed, she would go to great efforts to curl up in this chair at night and even quite often during the day if I wasn't home. With her weight and arthritis, it could take her several minutes to climb into it...but she wanted too. A comfy bed on the floor just wasn't the same to her.

One of the major reasons I knew her time was short was she had given up trying to climb into the chair a few days before the end.

Only after she was gone did I realize just how vocal she had been -- her continual chorus of purrs and groans and whines and whimpers just became the background here. It was eerily quiet that first night without her -- God speed Misty, you were a grumpy one for sure but you're still missed.


Bemo said...

She was beautiful and so lucky to have had you!


Anonymous said...

Makes me smile remembering her antics!
DoG speed Misty!


Rebecca Foster said...

RIP Misty